Monday, October 1, 2012

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today is Day I of my new Life Transition - it is the first day of the rest of my life!
Here is the stark reality of what I have let my body become!
This is what 186 extra unhealthy pounds looks like on a person!

Please, do yourself a favor.  Do not let this happen to you!

(I am really sad to post these pictures, but it is important that I face reality,
and it will be a great BEFORE picture to my AFTER one
as we all see how far a person can go if they choose health over indulgence!)

I will never in my life be this unhealthy again!
I am healthier today, than when I took these pictures last night!
Yesterday, I ate to indulge or to escape, I loved my lazy boy chair, 
and I could not engage in the physical activities that would bring me and my family joy!

I  will eat to fuel the needs of my body.
I will choose activity over my chair.
And I will begin a program of flexibility, strength, and conditioning 
so that I will always be able to play on the floor and in the fields 
with my current family and my future grandchildren!

I am truly thankful to all the many friends who are so happy for me making this decision!
Your love and support gives even more lift to the wings I have spread in knowing that I can!
As my truest friend, God has filled my mind and my heart with the knowledge that it is time 
and the confidence that I can choose the things that will lead me to Abundant Life (not abundant size!)

I am also thankful to Karen Dalton,
from Transitions Lifestyle Solutions
who has offered me her coaching and a program to start this Healthy Lifestyle Change!

I am excited!
I am confident!
And I know that this is the time and place to begin!

As a reminder, I am using this new Lifestyle Change 
to raise money for my two favorite Non-Profit Organizations:
The Acoaxet Chapel in Westport, Massachusetts
Swamp Meadow Community Theatre, Inc in greater Foster, RI.

At the end of each month, I will post how much weight I have lost in this process of health,
You can sponsor me a dollar (or more) a pound
and each month send a check to one of those Non-profits
which are full of people who love me and are so glad that I have chosen to be healthy!

My Starting Weight is 386 pounds.
I hope to loose 30 pounds in October.
I hope to loose 186 pounds by April 2014.

Thank you for joining with me
as We Gain Through Loss!

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