Monday, January 27, 2014

Thank You, Thank You and It's Time to Move On

A year and a half ago I set out to loose 180 pounds and asked you to join me in support of two Charities as I did that.

With Karen Dalton's help I was got started on a health plan for life (Transitional Life Systems) and in 6 months I lost 80 pounds.  I want to thank Karen for her help and for getting me started on a plan that will bring me total success.  Karen is now a lifestyle/health coach.  She can help you take the next healthy step in your life no matter what has you blocked, weighed down, trapped, stuck, or worn out!  You can like her on Facebook at  Karen Dalton, Lifestyle/Health Coach or you can reach her at
Phone     (401) 919-2059
If you want to, Karen can help you change your life!

I want to thank all of you who sponsored me through the process and sent donations to my two favorite charities  Swamp Meadow Community Theatre received over $850 and The Acoaxet Chapel received over $1350.  Thank you all for being so good to these two wonderful families in my life.

The first six months with Karen were perfect.  Then my schedule changed and I started making excuses instead of making it happen and I lost touch with Karen.  I got unfocussed and stayed the same in weight.

The next six months I got careless and started putting weight back on.

But I am no journeying on THE DANIEL PLAN with a group from The Acoaxet Chapel.  It is a health plan that develops health by using Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends in beneficial ways to keep one on the Plan of Health.  I am confident with the things I have learned from Karen, the things I still learn by being connected to her on Facebook, and the support I am now getting from my group at church that I will be successful at getting rid of the next 120 pounds and being more healthy in my 56th year than I have been in the last 30!

This will be my last post in Gain Through Loss.  Thank you for your caring and your support!