Monday, January 28, 2013


I had a trip to the dentist last week for a cleaning.
As the hygienist worked on my mouth, 
she ran the scraper over my teeth and poked my gums.
Then she declared.
"Well, Mr. Hollis,
you have left me nothing to clean. - 
No tarter, no plague, nothing!"

I knew that I was feeling clean and healthy,
but I did not think about the effect 
that all the vegetables and fruits 
and their accompanying  fiber and roughage 
had on my teeth!

No Plague, No Tarter - Nothing!

I feel good!

Monday, January 21, 2013


It's beginning to happen.
I was getting an oil change 
(no, not unsaturated for saturated)
but in my car,
and the receptionist said
"Have you lost a lot of weight?"

And then the next day at church, someone said
"You're looking really good."

Those things are really great to hear!
But the best thing is that I tell them to myself now too!


The most difficult thing that I am experiencing with this life style change
is that because the foods that I am eating are good for me
and fueling my body,
I am not hungry!
I am not eating enough, because I am satisfied.

But I have to eat on a regular basis
to keep my metabolism going.

Who knew that to lose weight
I had to force myself to eat!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


What a great time of year to begin my second session of weight loss with Karen Dalton,
my lifestyle change and wellness coach from Transitions Lifestyle Systems.
(See Karen's Contact Information on my website.  She helped me save my life!)

I will use the rise in energy of people around the world striving to achieve new resolutions
to set out anew on my goal of becoming all that I am
by becoming half the man I was! 
(Becoming healthy by loosing 186 pounds in 18 months!)
Weight_loss : Image of a man showing how much he got his weight lost by pulling his pants Stock Photo
55 pounds are gone forever and my life has already changed!
The rest is soon to follow!

Weight_loss : High resolution graphic of a weight loss highway sign on Cloud Background.

I started DETOX yeaterday!
I have already lost the two pounds that I gained over the Christmas holidays.
(plus one more!)

Weight_loss : Vegetable fitness Stock Photo

Detox helps me to 
regain control of my eating patterns,
cleanse my body from the harmful sugars, chemicals, and fats that I let into it,
and jump start my weight loss for another round!

Weight_loss : illustration depicting a sign post with directional arrow containing a healthy lifestyle concept  Blurred background  Stock Photo

Oh, and by the way, I am also raising money for two very wonderful Non-Profit Organizations as I go!
Won't you join me on this journey 
and in support of The Acoaxet Chapel and The Swamp Meadow Community Theatre!

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