Monday, October 8, 2012


Derox week is over and was an overwhelming success physically, emotionally, and spiritually.!

I lost 21 pounds (I am sure that 16 of that was water weight!)
I now have ankles again and my feet are no longer just big square boxes!

I feel loved, supported, hopeful, and excited - about this process and about life!
I am healthy now and will be healthy for the rest of my life!

I have learned that temptation is just an opportunity to choose God (health) 
and that there is tremendous power in that choice.

I have learned that saying "No" to a temporary distraction is not difficult 
when saying "Yes" towards a permanent goal!

AND I am GAINING financially THROUGH this LOSS at the rate of over $70 a pound
so that the two Non-Profits together will gain about $1500 for this week's work!
Thank you for your spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial support!

I feel great!

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