Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I gained a pound this week and learned a lot in the process!
Three funerals, preparing my mom's new house for occupancy, work, SMCT needs, and life in general
 really stressed me out!

I was still eating in very healthy ways,
(at the very least making the best choices that were available to me at the time)
but I kept seeing my times for exercise pass by without being able to answer the call!
I was getting so angry with myself that I could not take the next step of my healthy lifestyle!

I was so afraid that I was not going to be able to do this!
The STRESS produced a giant monster of despair!

I kept stepping on the scale in hopes that somehow my eating healthy was still making a difference,
nothing was coming off and at the end of the week I had gained a pound!

Enter Karen to the rescue!
(Thank you Karen!)
She taught me that not only does my body shut down 
and start storing everything as fat
when I don't eat regularly,
but the same thing happens when I am stressed!

Now, not only 
the emotions of three funerals, 
the time demands of work, SMCT, and family,
and the frustration of not having time to work out,
the idea of being stressed
was causing me more stress!
Karen told me 
to breathe,
to relax.
and to incorporate exercise into my busy life!
If I can not find a time to work out
find a way to put my work out into my time!
Instead of an hour of yoga,
do butt raises, tummy tucks, and neck tensions while I drive an hour to work,
Instead of walking on the tread mill for an hour,
park my car fifteen minutes from my next two meetings and walk to and from there.

Instead of doing power squats at the gym,
do squats as I am painting baes boards in my mom's house.
(up and down and squat and dip the brush and up and down and squat and paint the baseboard,
and up and down and squat and dip the brush and up and down and squat and paint the baseboard,
and repeat 100 times.)

Instead of lifting weights at the gym,
lift the SMCT equipment from barn to van to stage.
While I am not great at time management,
I am very creative!
While I am not good at making time,
I am god at using my time creatively!
I will not fail at this now!
I will figure out how to put my workout into my time

and will enjoy my workouts at the gym when I get there!

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