Thursday, November 1, 2012

I began this new choice of life one month ago.
That was forty pounds ago.
(But don't worry, 
my official weigh-in was on Monday, October 29 
and I had only lost 35 pounds,
so that is what you owe for the month 
if you sponsored me by the pound!)
My pants, that were too tight are now being given away,
and the next size is already getting loose!
I have a new attitude of being healthy.
I have a new approach to eating.
I am exercising - 
Yoga for Fat Guys, Walking, and Lifting!
And I feel great!
There is a fit guy inside me 
working his way out of this fat suit!
It's not too late to join the crowd in raising money for two very worthy non-profits 
(Swamp Meadow Community Theatre and The Acoaxet Chapel!)
Sponsor me by the pound each month and they will 
Gain Through My Loss!
You can send checks to:
Swamp Meadow Community Theatre
Box 213
Foster, RI 02825
The Acoaxet Chapel
Box 3749
Westport, MA 02790

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