Friday, February 22, 2013


February is often my toughest month in the calendar year to get through.  

(I do not know if, at this point, that is a self fulfilling prophecy,
that I can change with a change of my mind, 
if it is related to the lack of sunshine,
if it is a post-excitement crash after the holidays,
or if it is just the ying and yang of life's flow.)
Sometimes the biggest blessing is that it is only 28 days 
with an opportunity to celebrate the love in my life halfway through!
Snowstorms, cancellations, sickness, stress (both wonderful and burdensome)
have made this month a long and tiring 28 days for me,
where I feel like I just have to keep doing one more thing 
(getting farther behind with each accomplishment) 
until I collapse.

The disappointing news is that all I was able to do 
this time around in my new healthy lifestyle
was maintain.
The good news is that in the midst of it all,
I was able to maintain!

I have gotten through it.
I stand here today - 
not a lot farther along on my journey of health,
but not farther back either!
I have lived to face another day
and to make healthy choices!

And the thing that brings me back to excitement 
is the knowledge that by this time next February
I will have learned and practiced more of my healthy life
and I will find more positive in th the reflective time
that February offers me.

So here is to not getting overcome by the darkness and stress
and being ready 
to break through the surface of the next exciting growth of health
that is a sure as the coming of spring!

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