Friday, September 14, 2012

Can You Gain In Loss?

Okay, so, here's the story ... 

Over the past 30 years, 
I have grown as a person in many ways,
 from this  ...
(that's me on your left, in the shorts - 174 lbs)

... to this ...
(That's me on the right - 378 lbs.)

During those years, I have done many great things and met so many wonderful people in my life!
Over the last year, I have been haunted by one question that a doctor asked my friend.
"How many 400 lb people do you know over 70 years old?"

Not many ...

If God is good (and God is) 
I would like to make it well past 70.
I would like to spend lots of quality time with my wife (Carol),
my kids (Andrew, Amy, and AnaCapri),
whatever grandchildren may come along,
and my great friends at the Acoaxet Chapel, Swamp Meadow Community Theatre, and everywhere in between.

I have made best friends with the lazy boy (so aptly named) in my living room;
and would prefer to return to the days of being active,
when I enjoyed walking and running and jumping and leading my team to the finals!

I have done the diet roller coaster ...
losing 25 lbs, gaining back 30
losing 50 lbs, gaining back 75
losing 80 lbs, gaining back 123
and then simply gaining 75 more!
I love roller coasters, but because of these diet ones that I have been on, 
I can't fit on them anymore!

SO ...
As of October 1 (actually, today)
I am going to eat healthy and move more 
in  the process of being more who I am on the inside without the extra person I have added as I have grown!

I thought that in the process, I might invite you to cheer me on 
while supporting two of my favorite communities!

The Swamp Meadow Community Theatre (
The Acoaxet Chapel (

They are two of the most wonderful communities that I have ever been a part of.
They are both in need of a little cash to help them do the great things that they do.
They both love me and care about my health!

If you would sponsor me for each pound that I lose,
they will gain, 
and I will live a good long time to see it all!


  1. Hi Bob,

    As someone who has been a ping pong ball for the weight fairy all my adult life I wish you well and will work with you so I can reach a more healthy state as well. Prayers for you as you embark on this journey -


    1. Thank You Mark - I hope you find a great return for your efforts

  2. Thanks Bud - You can be more proud of you when I reach the goal!

  3. Awesome. You should get a bike. Check out this guy (who I know through the MIT cycling team).